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Dear New Student…

Dear New Student, Whether you are new to the topic of embedded librarianship or have studied it somewhat in another class, as I had, the semester’s immersion in the topic, afforded by LIBR 220, will absolutely broaden and deepen your … Continue reading

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Library + Blackboard: Seamless Integration at the Course Level

LIBR 220 Final Project Library: The High School Library at The American School in Japan (ASIJ). Audience: A group of eleven crucial stakeholders, and potential change agents, in the high school.  This group includes our Principal, Instructional Coach, Technology Assistant, … Continue reading

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That Barcode Thingy

In her lecture this week, Meredith alluded to the fact that the wisdom of QR Code usage in libraries remains controversial. Which is it gonna be?   Will QR Codes infiltrate even tombstone epitaphs or are we writing epitaphs for … Continue reading

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In the Life Flow

I’m thankful for this week’s set of readings.  I now see I have still been thinking way too narrowly about this embedded business.  I am inspired by daring deeds of yet more librarians with imagination! Librarians can easily make a … Continue reading

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Standing On the Shoulders of Giants

LIBR 220 ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY ASSIGNMENT Moving from a Macro to Micro-level Library/CMS Embedment Using an Informed Toolkit Approach INTRODUCTION  The encouragement for libraries to cultivate a presence in online course management systems (CMS) has been building for over a decade … Continue reading

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Moving from Macro to Molecular

It was interesting to learn this week, in Meredith’s article Embedded Library, Embedded Librarian: Strategies for Providing Reference Services in Online Courseware, about the absence of library considerations during the evolution of CMS design and implementation.  That explained a lot … Continue reading

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Ripple Effects

High-touch embedding….if it is effective….is going to generate ripples.  And I don’t mean only tiny ripples.   Expect waves!   I was surprised by the magnitude of the impact on reference questions (that 400% jump!) from the embedded librarian pilot reported by … Continue reading

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