Dear New Student…

Dear New Student,

Whether you are new to the topic of embedded librarianship or have studied it somewhat in another class, as I had, the semester’s immersion in the topic, afforded by LIBR 220, will absolutely broaden and deepen your understanding of embedded library services.  I started with an understanding that embedded librarianship was about proactive delivery of service beyond the walls of the physical library, thoughtfully customizing the wherewhen and what of our users’ needs.  But the readings in this course….all excellent….reveal the seemingly infinite and inventive ways that academic librarians are wielding this very powerful, user-centered approach.  Two of the many radical new ideas that I’m taking away are:

  • how librarians craftily embed into the work flow of their users.  Who knew that a cleverly-designed invisibility cloak around library services at users’ points-of-need could make library services more desirable?
  • assessments are absolutely necessary and surprisingly do-able.  Academic librarians show how to make it routine and critical to reshaping everything we do so that we stay relevant in the lives of our users.

The embedded model has been seen as mostly an academic library construct and LIBR 220 showcases case studies from academia.  But embedded practices are absolutely portable to every other library setting.  Those of us who work in other types of libraries have a lot to thank academic librarians for.  They show the way and spark innovation in our practice.

There are many things that just plain work in this course.  For instance, you are going to like the blog format.  The quality of the blog reflections and the comments that they elicit will be nothing like you’ve experienced in a D2L discussion strand.  Blogging raises the bar somehow.

You’ll also like how the three assignments can be linked together so that they build on one another.  The Environmental Scan can be used to identify a problem that you explore more deeply through the Annotated Bibliography assignment. Then your findings there can shape a well-research proposal for the final project. They fit neatly together.

I would encourage you to lobby for just one change.  The blog conversation was so wonderful that I wished for at least one elective real-time Collaborate session where the class participants could “meet” in person.

So….enjoy!  Learn!  Then join the movement:  Embed!



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2 Responses to Dear New Student…

  1. Meredith Farkas says:

    “Blogging raises the bar somehow.”

    Yes! I’m not sure what it is about blogging (the sense of ownership of your space? the medium?), but I find it brings out the best in almost every student I’ve worked with over the years. Reflective learning, I think, creates the stickiest kind of learning too.

    Thanks for the suggestion about the collaborate session. I used to have four of them in other classes I taught, but some people specifically don’t take classes that have synchronous components. I do miss that part of teaching and I’m going to think more about how to have synchronous components without having them be too much of a burden for people who have problematic schedules.

    • embendered says:

      Yes, I think some students would automatically eliminate courses during their selection process if the course schedule indicates a mandatory collaborate session. Periodic open office hours on Collaborate have worked well in some classes that I’ve taken.

      One of the things that raises the bar on blogging, I think, is that it calls on multiple literacies. Bloggers convey something important in the way that they choose to organize their thinking in a blog post and in the images that they use. Blogging too seems to offer more freedom for the writer’s personality to shine through….definitely a fun truth for the LIBR 220 bloggers. Discussion posts seem pretty dry by comparison.

      Thanks again for getting us communing in our own private blogosphere. 🙂

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