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Moving from Macro to Molecular

It was interesting to learn this week, in Meredith’s article Embedded Library, Embedded Librarian: Strategies for Providing Reference Services in Online Courseware, about the absence of library considerations during the evolution of CMS design and implementation.  That explained a lot … Continue reading

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Ripple Effects

High-touch embedding….if it is effective….is going to generate ripples.  And I don’t mean only tiny ripples.   Expect waves!   I was surprised by the magnitude of the impact on reference questions (that 400% jump!) from the embedded librarian pilot reported by … Continue reading

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True Confession II

  I’m in love with Barbara Fister. She is a deep thinking, straight-talking, feisty but sensible prodder of the profession. This week’s reading by Fister is a perfect example of how she decants issues.  Take faculty-librarian collaboration.  In her article … Continue reading

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