My Who and What

Who am I?  Short version.

I am a Minnesota/Michigander currently living in Tokyo.  My husband and I work at a 110-year-old private international school called The American School in Japan, where I am the circulation supervisor at the high school library.  Our two children are grown and living in the US.  I’m pretty sure that my husband and I are never going to get used to being empty nesters.  We make meccas to see them in person or on Skype.

My days are filled to the brim with work and study but I love to cook, eat, practice yoga and travel.  I am an omnivorous reader who never has enough time to read….the chronic irony of a MLIS student.   I am on a constant quest for a good to great cup of coffee.  Best to date is had at Gimme Coffee in NYC and Ithaca.



What do I want out of this class?  A great leap forward.

Every course I’ve taken in this SLIS program has been transformational for me.   As an older student, I came with an antiquated set of skills and have been on a steep learning curve ever since.  Now I can’t imagine how to survive in this world without staying constantly exploratory.

I am the product of a family of teachers.  I’m married to a school principal.  I live a stone’s throw from the school where I work, serving teachers on a daily basis.  And yet, it is the one thing I think I’m not.  A teacher.  Certainly not a confident teacher.   I read Char Booth’s reflections on her first days as a bona fide librarian and appreciated her generous honesty about feeling ill-equipped to teach.  That is how I feel and I’d like to change that.

I know I have a teacher’s sensibilities and inclinations but I want the knowledge and an emerging confidence that would elevate what I do.  My job responsibilities have been evolving rapidly over the past five years.  Many of my daily activities have moved well off road from my job description.  I develop and deliver in class and online instruction, support student research projects and conduct custom searches.   In addition, we have recently become a 1:1 laptop school and, consequently, more and more of what we do is being re-imagined as 24/7 service.

So I expect this class to transform how I do my current job as well as equip me for the future. I am currently a LIBR 203 Peer Mentor and it has been the most immersive practical experience I have had so far at SLIS.  TransTech sounds like another experiential laboratory.

Meet you in the lab.


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I'm a 12 Thinger.
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3 Responses to My Who and What

  1. michael says:

    What an honest and thoughtful introductory reflection! Thank you.

  2. Abraham King says:

    Hi Ruth,
    I just got around to reading all of your bio and I realized that I may have visited your school back in 1982 when I went to Japan on a student exchange sponsored by the Rotary Club. I was a Junior in High School and it was such an amazing, eye-opening trip for me. Now I have to dig up my old photos from that trip and see if i really did go there…
    I envy you. After that trip, I had always wanted to go back for a visit.
    Nice having you in class!

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